Baidu's Problem:Is this google's opportunity?

It is always challenging task for me to keep writing some thing interesting and at the same time to be most informative post in my blog. Am happy with this task. And every time i wish to raise my bar, and this time i wish to share my first case study with you all.

The case is mainly about the internet war happening in the mainland of China. And this is between the Chinese search engine leader Baidu and Google (search engine "giant").

This issue is bit old one, yet the consequences are growing day by day. Though it is happening in the neighbor nation, I feel we should follow this so that “best in practice, lessons learnt” can come from horse’s mouth at any point of time. The issue is all about “Baidu Vs Google”.

Baidu is the local search engine giant in the land of dragon. What is so special about this? For rest of the world Google is the synonymic word for internet, but for China (the world's largest Internet market by users) Google failed to do so. Yes, this is an old issue (Google’s problem in China, in the year 2005). Even after four years, the internet giant couldn’t establish itself as a leader in Dragon land.

Understand more about that in the following link,

Kindly, give your valuable feedbacks. It will help a lot for me to write effectively.


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