Hi Friends,
Am sure this would be my 1st post after an year. Am sure this is not good sign.
I am sure, from hereon i will try my hard to be regular.
So, jus i was thinking about what to write after a long gap. Jus got a word, "transformation"
So, my next post will be on "transformation"!!! Jus guess wat kind of transformation am gonna talk here!!!

Global economic outlook!! - just gas!!!

After keen on Haiti problems, its time to move on with some serious stuff such as rethinking and redesigning, the topic for this year. People were keen to hear about “rethinking capitalism” by William George, professor of management practice, Harvard business school. “A sudden global recession, massive government bail-outs and a steep loss of public trust in corporations have forced a re-examination of the spirit and structure of capitalism. What elements of market capitalism should be rethought? “The discussion had this in their mind, and got some key points (as summed up in the website)The global financial meltdown has forced a critical re-evaluation of market capitalism• Despite its flaws, global capitalism has done enormous good for the world by bringing people out of poverty. But it must be improved to serve everyone in the system• Currently, we are in the middle of a financial crisis, an energy crisis and a job crisis, all of which result in a trust crisis. For capitalism to thr…

Thanks to BBC - Day 1 in DAVOS!!!

Thanks to BBC, they have made my work much simpler. Though I couldn’t go and watch it live, I could get the live comments and updating from BBC. As we know the main theme for this year is shaping the post-crisis world. People were flowing into the snow mountain village of Davos, to attend the 40th World economic summit today. On the first day they are eager to what economic forecast would be presented, what are the bases to move forward amidst present economic downturn recovery.

By 0900hrs, I got an update from BBC. It was from the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. Mr. Schwab explained that, in this mass crash we have to help those have been affected and we have to find out the ways and rules so that it doesn’t happen in future. By 1015 an interesting update from BBC got everyone’s attention. The update says” A new survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that business leaders are suffering a "crisis of confidence" and believe global economic reco…

Chennai to Davos!!! – Fly free!!!

Davos, a small municipality in Switzerland. World knows this place for 2 main reasons 1. World Economic summit, an annual meeting of global political and business elites; and 2. The home of the largest ski resort in Switzerland, serving as the site of the annual Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament. Ironically this place is been referred for both hot business (macro: economics) and cool sporting events.So, after hearing all these, I have decided to go there to watch “how all those big canons fire”!!! Not only that my country got invitation only after my birth date (What a coincidence! :P). But it is not possible for me to fly. One simple reason is am armature in the concept and I lag sponsorship to fly. But I didn’t give up the idea of following Davos. And one such initiative is this blog entry. I ll watch Davos, and will update you as a part of learning and sharing.So, our journey starts from Chennai to Davos will start in next few min. Yes, (I struggled a lot to put so many imaginatio…

Chocóla - The food of God from Pondicherry!

Hi all, a very Happy Christmas and advance New Year wishes. This is a sweet moment. No not just a sweet moment but this is a Chocó moment. Confused? Yes I think a better word to substitute sweet is Chocó. As a part of “Me and We - interview series”, I met Mr. Srinath, the Chocó man of Pondicherry, and proprietor of The Ebonyfoods – Chocóla (“Chocola – The Food of God”) Ouf, a lot of home work I did before meeting Srinath, after reading about his 100 varieties of chocolate and especially “chocolate pakoda”. As a successful entrepreneur he shared his success stories and paths he travelled in establishing a sweet and humble organization. More than a chocolate boutique, Ebony Foods is growing as a more streamlined organization. Let’s hear more about this from Srinath!Me&V: Hi Srinath, a many congratulations in showcasing 100 varieties of chocolate from (a small town) Pondicherry. Could you explain us where this Chocó idea has started?Sri: Thanks a lot. What you will ask some who retur…

Service as a Service – the new “SAAS”

This is going to be a typical word for the future (irrespective of the industry/ medium in which it operates). Yes, am sure of this technology because after understanding the 50 business models that can be operated in “Fermium” environment, this is also possible.We define SAAS as a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. In a similar fashion you think of software to be replaced by service, and it is Service as a Service. I am not a management thinker to predict something would turn-up in near future so that the entire world can spin around it. If someone can think of providing platform as a service, software as a service and Infrastructure as a service, then this is also possible “service as a service”. Yes, as the big giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and for that instance any company that works on cloud computing is extending the ideologies of providin…

Baidu's Problem:Is this google's opportunity?

It is always challenging task for me to keep writing some thing interesting and at the same time to be most informative post in my blog. Am happy with this task. And every time i wish to raise my bar, and this time i wish to share my first case study with you all.
The case is mainly about the internet war happening in the mainland of China. And this is between the Chinese search engine leader Baidu and Google (search engine "giant").
This issue is bit old one, yet the consequences are growing day by day. Though it is happening in the neighbor nation, I feel we should follow this so that “best in practice, lessons learnt” can come from horse’s mouth at any point of time. The issue is all about “Baidu Vs Google”.
Baidu is the local search engine giant in the land of dragon. What is so special about this?For rest of the world Google is the synonymic word for internet, but for China (the world's largest Internet market by users) Google failed to do so. Yes, this is an old issue…