Baker-Street....1st concept store in Pondicherry

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Today, we have a very special person on Cognizanze interview series!! The person I am talking about is the Managing Director of one of those new bread stores in the town. This is the only “Concept” based store in the city. What is special about this? Innovation is the answer that we get when we search for better answer. I am proud to introduce Mr. Alphan, Baker-street, Pondichéry.

A short description about Concept Store

“Concept store” describes a store which is identified bya special mix of brands and products. It’s a modern experience of shopping, always in motion and highly innovative. The store addresses particular groups of customers: e.g. luxury, – design-, and street wear-customers. They’ll find (all) the products, they identify with in one store. A typical mix of products and brands in a concept store would be: fashion, shoes, (home-) accessories, books /cd, cosmetics, food, toys, hardware for daily use. The range is wide and some stores even change their shelf and the products regularly, to stay flexible and surprising.

A concept store is NOT: classical department store, mono brand (flagship) store, fashion boutique, furniture store, mall, etc.

Brief intro about "Baker-Street"

Baker Street is a Concept Store which offers, French Food (esp. yummy pastries,) breads original ice cream with fruit, fine chocolates and fresh fruit juice and a quality catering service, among other French delicacies. This concept store, offers products manufactured locally here in “French Pondichéry” is new and unique in India.

The decoration and architecture are two essential elements in BAKER STREET. Selected materials, colors, furnishings are in perfect harmony with the image of the innovative concept of this unique Store in India. It is a real place for meeting and relaxation where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch with dishes of the day (to be more specific....FRENCH!!!).

Though this concept is not new to the marketing world, India has experienced very less (almost we can say none) taste of this flavour. Bombay Electric ( is one such store dedicated for fashion industry. Baker-street’s move is entirely new; they want to position their bakery store as Concept store.

When I spoke to Mr. Alphan, he said,” this is a new concept for the bakery industry. We are trying to position ourselves as a Concept based stores, rather a simple bakery. We are trying out different models here.”

Since, the store is in incubation stage, we have to wait and watch. Let’s wait and watch!!!!


jayanthan said…
hai -

It was an interesting Revelation from ur home town and it deserves an worthwhile to try out a toast of french bread .But even though concept seems a bit new - there is already HOT BREADS rollin in the do u think it will combat the competiton ?

my guess is the T.G for Baker street might be the french i rite ?
Me and We said…
Thanks Jeyanthan for the comments, and yes HOT breads are there,but BS, positions itself as Concept store rather than a bakery, similar to titan,and cardbury.So, BS need not thing Hot breads as competitor,now their competitors are restaurant, coffee shops,etc.
Viji said…
Interesting and informative one. Next time I go to Pondi, I will definitely visit Baker Street.
Me and We said…
Sure viji, am sure u ll ve gr8 time here...

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