CK’s Foodstaurant (a little Indian, a little western) @ Pondicherry – unplugged

Cognizanze feels immense pleasure to write the first hand review for CK’s (CavinKare) new line of business, restaurant. And I am feeling lucky for one more reason that, all the options that I was thinking early came well. I had an interview with restaurant Managing Partner, Mr. Vishwanathan (proud to introduce my B-school Alumni). Before going to the interview we had, I wish the readers should know about CK’s Business.

The Company that began its journey as Chik India Ltd was renamed as CavinKare Pvt. Ltd (CKPL) in 1998. With innovative Entrepreneur C.K. Ranganathan at the helm,CavinKare emerged into a successful business enterprise especially in Personal care. Innovation doesn’t need any big investment. And here is the example. CavinKare is the example for this. They are first in Asia to introduce shampoos sachets.

CK’s primary business is personal cares are hair care, ethnic care, skin care, home care. Apart from that they have food processing also; they include pickles, masalas, vermicelli, coconut oil. CK is successful in all the lines of business as of now. In their cosmetic business, some of those successful brands are Chick shampoo, Meera shampoo, Fairever, Spinz, etc. And now Foodstaurant is ready to join the winning league. Though restaurant is new line of business to them they are much confident in this because of their proven success in their food business.

I wish to share my experience during my visit to the restaurant. To start with, the restaurant location is in heart of the city and has many chances to attract the crowd. And being “little western”, Foodstaurant has every good chances of attracting Tourists here in Pondicherry. The 3 storey restaurant was designed to accommodate 90 people, with 3rd floor designed for kitchen. And it’s a self-service.

And I am lucky to have a visit to their kitchen (“Tour de’ Kitchen”). Amazing, Clean, Tidy, what more superlative to add to this list. Though it’s small in size, they are maintaining it well, just as same as following 5S practice in job floor. All the food items and ingredients are separated well. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian are separated well (sandwich items also separated). And now am happy to write about the service in that restaurant. Presentation, friendly wait-person, quality, etc. everything is up to the mark. What makes CK’s Foodstaurant special from others? They are bridging the gap between Desipann and Western (are they going to challenge KFC now? Dono, lets watch). Some of their new dishes are Murukku sandwich, Crumb fried idlies, Kheema Dosa,etc...and many more finger lickers with Maa (fruit drink from CavinKare).

Then came the biggest moment –My first blog interview with Vishy!!!To be continued... Stay tuned...


Rajinith said…
can u give me the address of the restaurant and the route in pondy?
Me and We said…
Hi Rajnith, the restaurant is located in Mission Street, pondicherry
Kumar said…
Whether it has any branch at Chennai
guru said…
CK's is the worst restaurant, Cost more, Quality is very poor,Half cooked chickens Wait for long time to get your order

My kind advice avoid this restaurant.
Anonymous said…
Taste is very bad,chicken are not cooked properly

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