Contextual Marketing: Will DOCOMO do the same magic in INDIA?

What you can expect when your work was appreciated by a person, who found to be Master in that particular field. Yeah, I experienced the same. I got an appreciation note (comment) from Mr. Steve Woods, CTO of Eloqua, for my previous post. This is real boost for me to write some serious works. Thanks, Steve!

With the same zeal, I continued to search about contextual marketing and with reference to the context of Digital Body Language; I came to know about NTT DOCOMO’s I-mode. Surely, we have to say that it as I-“Mate”. When we googled their website, it explained as “I-Mode synchronizes all value chain aspects, ensuring that, content, quality, wireless technologies and user experience all evolve at an optimal pace. The billing system is streamlined by bill consolidation, with DOCOMO now collecting information access fees on behalf of i-Menu-listed content providers.

DOCOMO collaborated closely with equipment manufacturers, content providers, and other platforms to ensure that wireless technology, content quality, and user experience evolve jointly. This synchronization guarantees that customers, partners and shareholders share interests with end-user's, thus enabling all parties to maximize value and to continue to improve the quality of products and services connected with I-mode. Being operationally simple and also by adopting simple HTML subset they have made sites so simple”.

So, this is a clear example for the success of “Digital Body Language – Contextual Marketing” and yeah, it is not restricted to internet environment only.

Ok, all is fine. What is the next step in this agile environment? With only digital body language will things happen? If that was the case, why we are going ahead even after getting RSS and newsfeeds?

I personally request, Mr. Steve woods to give hints about the scope of DBG and its future.


Anonymous said…
dai this file isnt downloading

Steven Woods said…
I suspect that what NTT DoCoMo is doing is similar to what many others like Google and Microsoft are doing; aggregating behavioural information from any available sources to provide a broader understanding of an individuals likes and intentions.

In that Digital Body Language is all about understanding intent based on behaviour, this is in many ways following a similar trend. We are beginning to see this behaviour aggregation in a number of places as behaviour is a much more viable indicator than anything explicit.
Me and We said…
Thanks Steve for commenting. and yes, u rightly said it may take further more way to understanding behavior pattern in online marketing.

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