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What MBA in “Systems” all meant for….?

(P.S.: Some of the following information is based on my personal experience, perception and what others shared with me. Standard Disclaimers apply.)

Hope this is odd man out here, in my post. The reason why I chose to write this here is, most of the people whom I have spoken to, have less / even no idea of what MBA-System is all means. Most of the guys who plan to do an MBA go for Marketing and finance thinking that they r the most rewarding branches regardless of one’s inclination. It is only becoz we r not sure of other streams and we do not want to take risks with our careers. They presume to think that MBA – System is similar to B.Tech /B.E. in IT or computer science. I wish to share some of my experience and what others explained me in detail about MBA systems.

First of all the big advantage is that being an MBA, you get a preferential treatment everywhere (I don't know why?)...somehow the top management trusts MBAs too much (even if they are freshers), gives them a lot of responsibilities (and hence learning opportunities)...sometimes the workload can become excessive because you need to be involved in every phase of SDLC and are expected to make valuable contributions, but all that is a lot of fun if you are passionate about technology.

I didn't know much about the life of an MBA Systems guy, but I specialized in Systems because of my passion for technology. Doing my MBA in Systems helped me a lot because prior to that I had only some sort of bookish technical language and my way of thinking was not "Business oriented". I learnt more because of my "Software Project Management" is Mr. Victor (catch him @, who helped me in all the ways to learn the business part of the technology. (Many thanks to him, we both wrote a paper on “Web accessibility” and we stood first in the competition). Later during my initial learning period in the company that I joined after my MBA, Mr. Biju, who explained me what, is “Systems” in “MBA-Systems”. He gave a clear explanation on “Systems Thinking” (I refer the readers to read “5th Discipline” by Peter Singe; this will help you in better understanding of the concept of System thinking)

MBA system helps a lot for engineering students (for that matter, whoever has a thirst for technology) helps a lot in giving business flavour apart from their technological part.

So, what a MBA – System guy can deliver? This MBA in System will help you in understanding lingos of development team as well as of customer. Customer doesn’t understand technical things but needs result while development team doesn't understand what customer actually wants and can only speak tech. BA guy acts as a bridge between business and operation.

[Some of the job profiles available for MBAs in IT firms are Business Analyst, Pre-Sales (Here you do things like responding to RFIs, RFPs and preparing client-specific presentations),Sales, ERP Consultant, Project Manager, HR Manager, Quality/Testing Manager]

While writing this post, am remembering Mittal’s words,” People laugh at me… they think I am different… and I laugh at them…because they are same”. In this same thought, am travelling this long way…!!! Hope this post gives some explanation for people who are in quest for “MBA in Systems”.


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