365 Honeymoon Days!!!

Hi friends, am very happy to share my 365 Honeymoon Days!!! Don’t think am crazy. It’s true. Being together for the past 1year, we both never thought of leaving each other, though many thing between us. One thing I should share here with you, that, she is lovely, young, kind, Tender, Caring, Splendid, what more superlatives you have to adore her. I feel this is important for me to share this with you. Yes, the reason why I am writing these things in my blog is that, amidst this tough ‘E’ situation, it’s hard to have a relation like this. Yes, even due to unavoidable situations, if we both of us got separated, I don’t know will I get a chance to “Thank her”?

Today is Day 1 (366th day!) and this is the starting point in my life. 365 beautiful days. Just like a Rock song! (Better than Adiyae kolluthae!!!). This is the point I should press my rewind button.
The same day, a year back, with all ambitions and dreams (many dreams and I HAVE to mention them now, 1. To get my life partner, 2. To see a beautiful gal, and marry her, 3. To get married to a pretty woman, 4. Start my life with a gorgeous, pretty gal (just like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Nichole Kidman...) I dono, even after 365 days my dreams remain DREAMZZZZZZZZZ.... (Am sure am not sleeping), and after that I dreamed of owning a ‘Porsche’ and ‘Rolls Royce’ (actually this is not like any other Dreams; I WILL get it, if not I then WHO!!!! - readers, Pls do remember the dialogues that Amir/Soorya said to you in Ghajini) actually this is one thing which keeps me going, whenever am down (“Yes, common man, why are you so dumb and dull. Nichole Kidman is waiting for you, so get into your RR, take her a long drive in ECR, and enjoy your dinner @ ‘FC’)

I spent all my days, jus t thinking about these things. Suddenly one of my friends asked me, “Hey dude where do you want to see yourself after 10 years?” I just replied her without any hesitation that I wish to own 1 million by 2020 (My project 2020). I dono the serious of that statement! (Any ways, if it happens then I will be happy). I started my first day work with a famous insurance provider as external quality assurance person for their insurance products (now they not independent organisation)
Quarters rolled out, still am thinking of these dreams. Most of my friends, were saying that they are feeling the heat. Even 2 of my good friends left the organisation, because of work load (Now they are successful Entrepreneurs!) Then, I got a call for an internal opportunity to take care of outstanding from clients and to improve the project profitability. When the person explained all these stuffs, I told her that am not a finance guy, so felt that “a right guy in the wrong place” (later I found, she is one such lucky person to get a subordinate like me, and me too)

And after a successful start, soon I felt the lag. My mind was not co-operating with my work. I expressed this thing to my friends, and they said everything will go fine as time passes. I kept my hope still positive. And this time Nichole is not coming in my dreams. I dono why? Instead my Boss came in my dreams.

Crazy!!!!! Really Crazy!!! Funny...!!! Very Funny....!!!

Yes, the next day morning, i was given the task of educating the project leads with the nuances of improving the project profitability. My boss was not feeling well so she escalated the task to me. Talented, Curious and Smart people are more in my office. Yes, I did well (with one appreciation note from the organiser and a participant) and I saw Nichole on that day dream.

Am not sure when this Honey Moon period will end, and am not scared of that too. Am enjoying every day and every minute.


Viji said…
oh god! you had to start everything from the scratch is it??? twice I checked for your blog and I found that it was missing...that's really sad... make sure to take the back of your blog periodically, I think its feasible and maybe I should do too.
Me and We said…
This is good...once' mistake is others lesson... Happy to see ur comments,....and as usual ur here for support...

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